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We offer no hollow promises

... no pre-canned solutions ... only straight forward, hands-on, research, best practices and  implementation


Our burning desire... some call it our mission... is to help our clients succeed beyond expectations to realize their goals and ambitions.



Newco Ventures your partner in growth and success!







Newco Ventures provides advisory services to healthcare related organizations on business development, marketing, mergers and acquisitions.

Bred from experience and expertise and refined by creativity, persistence and values, we develop and nurture the attributes needed to succeed in the healthcare industry.

Throughout the course of our engagements we remain highly objective, frank and committed to producing results in line with expectations for the given assignment.


We research each possible solution that can  deliver the benefits of sales and profitability growth management to our clients. Our decades of experience in the healthcare industry and medical technologies include acute care and home healthcare, equipment rental, logistics, maintenance and remarketing. These experiences and our various contacts within the industry position us with resources to deliver cost effective results quickly. 


As a strategic partner to our clients, we stick to our knitting... so our clients are always comforted knowing that we are focused on supporting them, not competing with them. 

We start each project by understanding our client's needs and their desired outcomes. From this footing, we begin by researching each aspect of the project, its life-cycle elements and how they impact on the enterprise, and its mission, as a whole. 

Only then can we best begin to answer, mentor, develop and lead our clients with comprehensive solutions that work.

To schedule an initial consultation or discuss a project assignment... please call.








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